Cogito Studio is a boardgame design and development association and it is the joint effort of a game designer (Carlo A. Rossi) and a game developer (Alfredo Berni). We began our careers in the gaming field in 2002 and, being friends from the same town, the decision to join our forces came naturally.

Carlo A. Rossi – Game Designer

I always loved playing board games since I was a child; and, on top of this, I always tried to figure out mechanisms behind good games. And of course, I then had to start inventing my own games… I am specialized in designing party games, children games, and light family games (since I am too lazy to develop heavy strategy games!). Nevertheless, I feel much more a gamer rather than a designer; I always try to organize gaming nights and I can never have enough of playing – as well as collecting – games. Recently, I became a fan of illustrated books for children and started to collect them; may be some day I’ll try to create something in that field, too!

Alfredo Berni – Game developer

Munch, scrunch, gulp… no no, this part of the game has no flavour at all, that other gets stuck between your teeth and the last one is overdone. Back to development, and if salt and pepper are wrong again I’m gonna hit you. For over 30 years I’ve played and ate every kind of game, and try to make them something better. Have Fun!