Tracko – Erickson

Family game, instant memory, programmed movement

2-4 Players

age 7+

15-20 min

Tracko is an adventure game that trains memory and visuo-spatial skills.

Players have a few seconds to observe the map of an ancient Mayan temple and remember the way in and out of the temple while collecting as many treasures as possible.

Thanks to the practical acetate sheets on which each player will have to trace their own path, it will be easy to check on the initial map who managed to collect more coins without ever falling into ancient traps!

How to play

PHASE 1: Observe and memorize the treasure map. The players will have to study the path that allows them to collect the most treasure coins.

PHASE 2: Each player places an acetate sheet over his/her own copy of the temple map, and, with an erasable marker, traces the pathway he/she memorized.

PHASE 3: To verify the correctness of the route and count the treasures collected, each player, in turn, places their acetate sheet on the treasure map. The objective of the game is to complete the path collecting as many treasures and points as possible.