Schnapp’s – Zoch

Party game, communication, fast recognition, time pressure

3-8 players


30-45 min

In Schnapp’s players need to guess which tiles on the table they need to slap to claim – but they might have a tough time interpreting what the target is as the cluegiver must do things like speak with his fingers between his teeth or hop around the table on one leg. Schnapp to it!

To set up the game, lay out the 96 picture tiles face up so that they can be seen by all players. Each player receives a task card; this task card shows nine pictures that its holder will have to describe, a challenging task since the 96 pictures are grouped into 16 different families, with each family consisting of six very similar images.

In each round, the player to the left of the active player starts the sandtimer, then the active player looks at his task card and begins to describe the icons and pictures on it for the player two spots to his left. He cannot show his card, point to tiles, or answer the searcher’s questions; he can change which item he’s describing at any time. The searcher can only say things like “Done!” or “Got it!” to spur the active player on to describe something new. Once the time runs out, both describer and searcher score points for all correct items grabbed, then those items are returned to the table.

After everyone has been the active player once, the second round begins, with the active player first drawing a handicap card that imposes some condition on him while he gives clues to the same searcher as before. For the third round, the describer and searcher switch roles, with the new describer also having a handicap. After three rounds, the player with the most points wins.

The rulebook for Schnapp’s includes a few variants, such as one in which three people search for matching pictures at the same time and a fully cooperative game.