NeoCity 2081 – IoGioco Magazine

Abstract game

2 Players

age 8+

10-20 min

This game was attached to the ioGioco #7 magazine.

The evil boss Karl Blueyes organizes illegal futuristic motorcycle races every Saturday night, thus fueling his profitable round of illegal business. In the improvised arena that uses city streets, the champions of the two most feared urban gangs, the Wheels of Judgment and the Gods of Atomic Speed, face off. During the race, the two drivers try to put the opposing motorcycle at gunpoint using the light tracer. Who at the end of the race will have scored more tracers on the other bike will be the winner!

To move his motorcycle, the player plays one of his numbered cards. At the end of the turn, a tracer can also play in the space provided. If a player plays a card to move, the value of which is equal to that of a tracer already played, this tracer is activated and the motorcycle behind (to understand who it is, you need to determine the shorter arc that separates the two motorcycles) can shoot, taking by the tracer card. On the tracer cards there are the symbols of the hits, whoever has collected the most hits at the end of the race wins.