Gallina City – Cocktail games

Party game, communication, time pressure

2-6 players

age 6+

15-30 min

Gallina City is an interactive and exciting family game. Become the boss of the farmyard by finding the identical images as fast as possible.
Be precise with your descriptions and pay attention to the other players’ descriptions. Otherwise you might lose some feathers!

In Gallina City you try to get rid of your cards as fast as possible in three rounds (with progressively increasing hand size at the beginning of them). Cards are composed of four poultry scenes, with slight variations between the quite similar scenes found in different cards.

For achieving this goal every player describes the scenes in their cards at the same time as other players do. In this pandemonium of people talking about chickens, you try to discover who has in her card exactly the same scene as in one of yours. If you are right, each of you discard your card and are one step closer to victory.
If the other players show you that the pictures are not *exactly* the same, both of you get penalized and take another card from the deck.

The round ends when one or more players have exactly two cards left in hand. The rest of the players earn as many negative points as their hand size at that spot.

After three rounds the player with less negative points win.

Gallina City includes rules for a team version.